WTF? Why The Feather?

E. Darby Moore was a successful artist and my great grandfather. He was friends with the 'Group of Seven' and belonged to the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto. Much like myself, his art reflected subjects which were interesting to him. His interests included early Canadian history, landscapes, fowl, people and politics. He painted using watercolour and oil. His artwork was displayed at various art exhibitions and has been printed on magazine covers and posters. His pen and ink style was highly favoured in the Eaton advertising promotions and he was a successful Eaton's fashion illustrator. As he wasn't allowed to sign his name on his drawings used in newspaper advertising, he used a small insignia to notify his work in the lower corner. The insignia was a feather.

 E. Darby Moore 1885-1945 Jan Moore Feather Logo: Inspired by E. Darby Moore 1885-1945

E. Darby Moore


The various designs within the graphics of my feather represent my numerous interests such as mountains, water and nature. The variegated linework represents biking roads, hiking trails and ski hills.