Janet Moore

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The Journey

Life is about the journey, not the destination. This has never been so true for me as I navigate the changes in my life and experiences I’ve had the last couple of years. I would never have imagined that I would be living my life in any other place than that of on my farm in Ontario. As I am experiencing my new life here in British Columbia, I am discovering this amazing world and enjoying the ride. My creative mind is feeding off of my personal growth and I am constantly inspired by the beauty and people around me. All of this has begun to come out in my creative expression. I want to share my appreciation for this relationship between my art and the journey I am on. Exploring interesting new places and meeting new people has become a passion of mine and I strive for the viewer to experience the same emotions of these moments that I am feeling while on this amazing journey.


Working primarily in oils on canvas, I begin the painting with a very loose ‘sketch’ with my brush. Allowing thinned paint to run and drip down the painting, I block in the large shapes and work out the composition. I then use the puddle method to create a family of colour. I love the relationship of warm versus cool and light versus dark colours and let these senses play off of each other to create the emotion I am trying to convey.

WTF? Why The Feather?

Inspired by my great grandfather and successful painter E. Darby Moore. 

The various designs within the graphics of my feather represent my numerous interests such as mountains, water and nature. The variegated linework represents biking roads, hiking trails and ski hills.

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Exciting News!

Coming this fall! I will be offering for sale some of my collection of plein air paintings. Please stay tuned to my Instagram and facebook feeds to be the first to see this collection of studies.