Janet Moore, SCA

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En Plein Air

En Plein air simply means painting in the open air. It allows me to see colours that photographs can’t achieve. I am constantly surprised when I take a photo of a scene only to be disappointed by the outcome. The shadows are often a solid, flat black and lack the subtle colours I see reflecting while on location. With use of texture, colour and composition I to strive to tell a story and convey emotion.

 My medium is oil on canvas. I start by applying a loose wash of a transparent colour such as yellow iron oxide. This provides a warm, earthy neutral and creates colour harmony for the piece I am painting. Using the ala prima method, wet on wet, I start with thin darks using my brush to sketch and work out the composition, blocking in the big shapes. I finish with my lightest lights, using Liquin medium to create fat, juicy textures. 

WTF? Why The Feather?

Inspired by my great grandfather and successful painter E. Darby Moore. 

The various designs within the graphics of my feather represent my numerous interests such as mountains, water and nature. The variegated linework represents biking roads, hiking trails and ski hills.

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Island Life

This body of work is inspired by the Island life of Vancouver Island. Working ala prima (wet on wet) I often paint en plein air, which simply means painting outside. Working quickly is necessary as conditions constantly change such as weather and lighting. This causes a loose, quick brushstroke and creates an impressionistic effect of the landscape. I love the connection with nature when the sun is shining but also enjoy the challenge of battling the elements on a wet and windy day. My medium is oil on canvas or board. With use of texture, colour and composition I strive to tell a story and convey emotion, hoping to capture a moment in time.